Exquisite. Unique. Green.

Crafted with care in Seattle, Washington, the live edge table and river table options available at City Trees Furniture bring something unique to the world of home furnishings. For more than 17 years, we have made it our goal to offer the most beautiful pieces that showcase the one-of-a-kind looks of natural wood.

Not only is each piece truly a work of nature’s art, but they also represent our dedication to a more sustainable future. Urban elm, walnut, and other trees are carefully salvaged and transformed into stunning pieces of furniture you will be proud to have in your home.

Featured Handcrafted Live Edge Tables

Live Edge Table and River Table Designs

Accent your dining room, living room, kitchen, or anywhere with a sense of natural beauty and unique style. At City Trees Furniture, we create pieces with natural beauty that people love. Whether you prefer a more smooth-edged style, or a popular river table with blue or other colored epoxy, our selection has you covered. We also offer desks, benches, and more.

All begins with a tree or a unique piece of reclaimed wood. Our products include those made from walnut, elm, and other wood materials. All pieces receive a protective, clear coating that does not disrupt your enjoyment of the wood grain and natural variations. Nature provides the beauty. We preserve it for you and future generations to enjoy. These pieces will last as long as the trees they originally came from.

Sourcing Quality Local Hardwood

Nature is the artist that creates the unique patterns of wood grain, knots and branches that adds unique texture and pattern to every piece. We salvage hardwood from trees cut down in and around Seattle.

Best of all, City Trees Furniture maintains this attention to detail and dedication to sustainable wood use without raising prices to inaccessible levels. We believe everyone should have the option to enjoy a live edge table, river table, or other salvaged wood piece in their homes or offices.

Explore our collection of premade tables and other pieces for sale. If you cannot find the perfect table, desk, or bench for you, contact us to learn more. We are constantly adding new wood slabs to our collection so our furniture artisans can offer new designs to homeowners across the area.