Custom Wood Furniture for New Homeowners

The excitement of furnishing multiple rooms as new homeowners opens up a world of possibility for furniture. When it comes to wood options, take a close look at the City Trees Furniture aesthetic. From an affordable dining room table suitable for large families and guests to a simple bench or home office desk, you can find the perfect choice that combines natural beauty with sustainable and green living ideas.

Furnishing a new home brings many questions and a lot of excitement. Consider the unique style of live edge and river edge tables from our premade collection or as a custom design project. You can contact us online or over the phone to make an appointment to see our display showroom and talk about your furniture needs and dreams.

Unique Furniture Options for New Home Buyers

What rooms in your house need a unique and eye-catching piece that will become a favorite today and last for many years to come? Consider moving away from traditional harvested wood furniture that leaves your kitchen, dining room, or living room looking like everyone else’s.

When you choose salvaged wood and a live edge table, you get a piece so unique that only nature could have made it. Our river tables combine these slabs with attractive blue or other colored epoxy resin to create a stunning waterway effect. This is a very popular design option.

Every wood slab at City Trees shows off its natural beauty with rich wood grain and live edges that bring the outside world into your life. For nature lovers, these tables offer so much more than a surface. Not only do you get the unfiltered appearance of wood, you also get the knowledge that you are contributing to a sustainable and green world.

Furnishing a New Home With Sustainable Wood

Most furniture manufacturers source wood from tree farms or by cutting down forests in a non-sustainable fashion. City Trees Furniture appreciates the beauty of this material so much that we insist on getting our wood in a way that does not damage the natural world around us.

Our walnut, elm, and other wood pieces are salvaged from trees that homeowners in the region cut down for their own purposes and those that fall naturally. We reclaim the trees and take them away to our property to cut into thick slabs suitable for tabletops, benches, and other designs. Nature has created every tree to be a singular example of strength and beauty. Our goal is to convey that truth in every piece of furniture our artisans create.

When the time comes to furnish your new home, take a look beyond the ordinary and discover the beauty and style of river tables and live edge tables fashioned from salvaged wood. Explore our range of premade pieces or contact us for custom order help.