Custom Wood Tables For Sale

City Trees Furniture offers a selection of premade river table and live edge table pieces suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, or anywhere you need an eye-catching table. Each piece is designed to show off the unique beauty of natural wood with all its patterns, shapes, and imperfections that work together to create a perfect design.

Discover a diverse range of tables in a variety of woods including black walnut, elm, and more. Remember, if you do not find a premade piece you love, you can contact us to discuss custom furniture design, too.

Sourcing Sustainable Wood for Premade Tables

When an old tree falls in the forest, it contributes to the natural ecosystem of the region. When a tree falls in a residential yard, it is cut up and carted away for disposal. Of course, some homeowners have trees cut down specifically because they are a threat to their property or they simply do not like where they are growing.

When an old tree falls in the yard or is cut down, City Trees Furniture strives to rescue it from the chipper or the landfill. We salvage a variety of different types of trees suitable for making the stylish and creative tables, benches, and desktops we are known for. We do everything possible to save the beauty and unique long-term growth patterns so people can enjoy them inside as well as they did outside.

The Custom Live Edge and River Table Process

After salvaging the tree, it is cut into slabs that maintain the natural edge and grain we love in the finished pieces. For a live edge table, the natural contours of the wood define the borders.

The slabs are dried for a few years to make sure the wood is stable for making tabletops and other pieces of furniture. Then it goes into the kiln for the final drying.A live edge table is designed in different ways depending on the width of the slabs. Either a single piece forms the tabletop or narrower pieces are book-matched for a unique mirror image style.

Options in Available Tables and Other Furniture

Our tables primarily come in black walnut, and elm, but we also offer some other species of wood. Availability depends on salvageable trees in the region. We offer slabs for tables with available bases and legs sold separately.

If you do not find a premade table that suits your needs or tastes, visit our Custom Order website page for more information. You can also contact us and make an appointment to discuss your specific natural wood furniture dreams.