Live Edge Table Bellevue

When it comes to custom tables in Bellevue, homeowners look for truly unique ways to express their personality and appreciation for the natural world with style. At City Trees Furniture, we share those interests and a firm dedication to sustainable sourcing of our materials. You get an exceptional showpiece that will last through the generations without putting the world’s forests at risk or spending an excess amount of money.

Experience the naturally diverse and beautiful look of salvaged wood lovingly crafted into the best live edge and river tables Bellevue and the entire Seattle area has to offer.

Discover Unique Live Edge and River Tables in Bellevue

Explore City Trees full line of premade tables, desktops, benches, and more. A live edge table maintains the natural shape and variations of the outside of the tree so each tabletop looks completely different. A river table in Bellevue adds the on-trend look of blue or other colored epoxy resin to give the illusion of a river or jewel-tone waterway flowing between stretches of land. These illusion tables are quite popular and will attract a lot of positive attention when you display one in your home.

If the selection of walnut, elm, and other wood slab tables does not catch your eye, City Trees also offers complete custom table design. Our experts will work with you to match existing wood slabs to your size, purpose, and style needs.

Bellevue Homeowners Deserve Sustainable Custom Tables

Many old hardwood trees get cut down or fall in the area every year. Instead of allowing them to be shredded or disposed of, we salvage them from homeowners. Our goal is to save this intricate and glorious wood and give it a new life as one of our beautiful custom tables in Bellevue.

Homeowners deserve the opportunity to get sustainable furniture that looks extraordinary rather than like recycled refuse. The process of turning a salvaged tree into a tabletop, desktop, or bench is long and particular. Every piece of wood is aged and dried completely before finishing into a premade or custom live edge or river table.

Why Choose a Live Edge Bellevue Table?

If you are interested in sustainable wood, environmental protection and keeping usable materials out of landfills, and decorating your home with exceptionally beautiful and natural furniture pieces, live edge tables from City Trees Furniture are the ultimate answer. Live edge means that the borders of your table follow the natural variations of the piece of wood. They range from the gently bowed to the highly curved.

No matter what the shape or wood type, every tabletop is sealed to show off natural grain beautifully and to protect them from spills and everyday use. These live edge and river tables are styled by nature over the centuries and built to last by expert artisans for just as long.